Mixit Print Studio

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Workshops & Residencies

Mixit offers various workshops throughout the year as well as tutorial sessions for one to three people.

Tutorials are handled on a request basis and are designed to meet individual and specific needs.

In the summer months we offer residencies for artists who want a sequence of days to focus on a particular project, or just to experiment.

2017 Summer Workshops:

  • June 1-5: Viscosity+ with Joel Janowitz
    Joel Janowitz will teach a 5-day intensive monotype workshop focusing on a number of techniques including trace monotype, additive and subtractive inking, stencils, transfers, and viscosity printing, i.e. the surprising ways oil-based printing inks of different viscosities (stickiness) interact with each other to form richly complex images. Open to all skill levels. $710. includes basic studio and materials fees. $250 deposit

  • June 24-25: Contemporary Print: An Introduction to Hybrid Processes, 2-Day Workshop taught by Catarina Coelho
    Using innovative uses of traditional methods, we will explore hybrid printing processes, which combine collagraphy, monotype techniques, and flexible lithographic plates (pronto plates). We will focus less on the repetition of an image and more on its constant transformation by practicing a variety of printing strategies, layering techniques, stenciling and color separation. Taught by Catarina Coelho, Adjunct Professor of Printmaking at Massachusetts College of Art. (www.catarinalcoelho.com) $275 plus materials

  • July 10-14: High Dive: Take the Plunge into Printmaking with Soy-based Inks with Catherine Kernan
    Disrupt traditional processes and broaden your expectations by using Akua Inaglio Inks and relief blocks for monoprints. The matrix is only the first step in a process of exploiting opportunities for "controlled accidents" and "calculated spontaneity". Learn to print the cut parts of your block, and to place contiguous colors with viscosity rolls. Learn to interrupt one block with another to achieve the intersection of the two. The long drying time of soy-based inks allows unorthodox moves from block to plate, or block to block, and back before any ink hits the paper. $550 plus materials

  • July 17-21: Jump Start and Keep Rolling with Randy Garber
    Finding yourself stuck in your work? Wondering about next steps? Curious about what you don't know? Through individual discussion and group demonstrations, this workshop will spark new ideas and teach you approaches to achieve them. A variety of printmaking strategies will be employed. All levels welcome. $550 plus materials

  • July 24-28: Go With The Flow: Watercolor Monotype with Jane Goldman
    Achieve luminosity and complex color layering with watercolors and a press. $550 plus materials

Summer Residencies: July and August 2017

What You Get:

  • Use of studio for five consecutive days
  • Ten hours of assistance to be arranged as needed
  • Additional assistance available by arrangement
  • Technical consultation with the Mixit partner who can best serve your needs
  • Basic printmaking materials not including printing papers or plates. (Available for purchase.)
  • Storage for materials
  • Pre-residency consultation to help you prepare


  • $600 for 5 consecutive days
  • 24-hour access

Application deadline: April 15, 2017

Notification: May 15, 2017

To apply: Send your full contact information, the following information, and jpegs in an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. Do you have printmaking experience? If so, please describe briefly.
  2. Please describe briefly the project(s) you anticipate doing during your residency.
  3. Dates you wish to work at Mixit Print Studio. Please give 1st and 2nd choice.
  4. What assistance do you anticipate needing?
  5. Please include 7-10 jpegs (72 dpi) that best represent your work with your application.