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Years of experience and careful thought have gone into planning and improving Mixit Print Studio.

Our equipment includes:

  • 1800 square feet of space.
  • Three presses:
    • 40" x 70" American French Tool
    • 24" x 48" Tackach
    • 5" x 70" LeDeuil 19th century cast iron electrified
  • Vented spray hood for airbrush aquatints
  • Aquatint box for rosin aquatints for plates 24”x 36”
  • Metal shears
  • Large stainless steel sink
  • Forced-air print dryer
  • Drying stack with corrugated dividers and weights
  • Hotbox for non-toxic acrylic grounds
  • Vertical etching tanks for 24”x 36” plates
  • Glass counters and rolling inking tables with glass surfaces
  • Low temperature hotplates
  • Plate polishing / buffing wheel on a motor
  • Large rollers and hand brayers
  • Flat files / shelves and storage cubbies with bins

Mixit Print Studio - facilities

Mixit Print Studio -Facilities