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In connection with various exhibitions, Mixit Print Studio has published or co-published catalogs and boxed portfolio print projects. Portfolio sets have been acquired by collections such as the Boston Public Library, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the New York Public Library, the Boston Athenaeum, and the Wesleyan College Museum.

Singular & Serial: Contemporary Monotype and Monoprint

The fascination with monotype and monoprint never diminishes, thanks to the primal thrill of making a mark, combined with suspense and surprise as paper is lifted from a press.

Recent prints from more than 70 top artists across the US demonstrate what monotypes and monoprints offer to artists and the broader world of art, while Kernan, a professional printmaker, provides a view from the studio. She explains the processes and motivations for making singular prints, as well as current practice and context.

Examples include unique prints and variations that cross boundaries with combinations of collage, collagraph, direct and transfer drawing, painting, photo-sensitive plates, digital printing, and paper casting with stencils. With their backgrounds in curating, collecting, and art history, Einstein draws us into the history and traditions of the forms, and Oresman writes as a collector about the fascination of monotype as a magically spontaneous process.

Authors: Catherine Kernan & E. Ashley Rooney, with Laura G. Einstein & Janice Oresman
Published: 2019
Pages: 272
Color images: 365
Size: 8.5 x 11
Binding: hard cover
To order: Available online

reThink INK

A full color catalog documenting the exhibition reThink INK that celebrated the 25th anniversary of Mixit print Studio.

The catalog contains:

  • Essays by Mixit Print Studio partners, Karen Shafts, Assistant Curator at the Boston Public Library, Sinclair Hitchings, former Keeper of Prints at the Boston Public Library, and Roger Hankins, Curator of the Cantor Art Gallery at College of the Holy Cross
  • Photographs of the exhibition installation at the Boston Public Library
  • Full color reproductions of all the artwork in the exhibition
  • Illustrated pages on monotype and intaglio processes
  • Photographs of Mixit Print Studio
  • Photographs of all the participating artists

Published: 2013
Pages: 105
Size: 8.5 x 11
Price: $30
To order please contact: Jane Goldman

Contemporary American Printmakers

Catherine Kernan, Jane Goldman and Randy Garber are included in the new publication, “Contemporary American Printmakers” by Stephanie Standish. 

Printmakers today are sustained both by their traditions and by their willingness to embrace new technologies, new mediums, and innovative processes. Over 500 beautiful color images display the innovative work of 75 talented printmakers and 30 print shops. Traditional printing techniques featured include lithography, intaglio, screen print, and relief, while newer techniques include installation, digital, and fiber, among other forms of new print media. The artists speak for themselves, revealing why they create their art. Consequently, the readers will gain a deeper understanding of their world. These assembled prints reflect the talent of this time and in this place. The artists’ mediums, patterns, images, and environments also capture our culture and attempt to foretell our future. This book will be a treasured resource for anyone who appreciates the printmaker’s art.

Author: Stephanie Standish
Published: 2014
Pages: 240
Size: 8 1/2 x 11
Price: Available online

Proof in Print: A Community of Printmaking Studios

Published by the Boston Public Library in cooperation with Mixit Print Studio, this book tells the story of a group of printmaking studios and the artists who worked in them. It describes the relationship between Mixit Print Studio, Hand Press, Artist Proof Studio in South Africa, and Artist Proof Studio, in Cambridge, MA, a studio to which the others all trace their roots.

Proof in Print contains essays, a description of each studio, artists' statements and biographies, a glossary of terms, and full-color reproductions of 96 prints.

Published: 2001
Pages: 155
Size: 10 x 11
Price: Available online through used book dealers