Mixit Print Studio

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Summer Residencies: July and August 2021

Residency with Intern Assistant

Stacy FriedmanStacy Friedman

  • $650 for a 5-day week at Mixit
  • Includes 10 hours with an Intern Assistant for:
    • clean hands
    • paper preparation
    • press operation
    • setting out supplies
    • organizing
    • clean up, etc.
  • It also includes project consultation with a Mixit Print Studio Partner.

Please contact Randy Garber for more information.

Master Session Residency with Collaborative Printer Stacy Friedman

  • $650 for a 5-day week at Mixit
  • Work with Stacy Friedman for:
    • concept development
    • intaglio plate prep
    • pronto plates
    • relief printing
    • monotypes and monoprints
    • editioning and curation

Number of hours and dates to be arranged directly with Stacy: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Joel Janowitz at MixitJoel Janowitz

Lisa HouckLisa Houck

Mongezi NcapheyiMongezi Ncapheyi