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Summer Residencies: July and August 2023

Residency with Intern Assistant

  • $650 for a 5-day week at Mixit
  • Includes 10 hours with an Intern Assistant for:
    • clean hands
    • paper preparation
    • press operation
    • setting out supplies
    • organizing
    • clean up, etc.

It also includes project consultation with a Mixit Print Studio Partner.
Please contact Randy Garber for more information.

Master Session Residency with Collaborative Printer Stacy Friedman

  • $650 for a 5-day week at Mixit
  • Work with Stacy Friedman for:
    • concept development
    • intaglio plate prep
    • pronto plates
    • relief printing
    • monotypes and monoprints
    • editioning and curation

Number of hours and dates to be arranged directly with Stacy: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mixit Print Studio
COVID Response

Mixit Print Studio has responded to the pandemic by:

  • limiting the number of artists using the studio at any one time;
  • dividing the studio into separate areas to reduce air exchange;
  • keeping doors and windows open as the weather allows;
  • adding an air purifier;
  • asking all members to wear masks.

The partners are vaccinated and boosted. We ask that you be vaccinated or tested prior to starting your workshop or residency. As there are unforeseen circumstances going forward, we will respond as needed.

Joel Janowitz

Lisa Houck

Mongezi Ncapheyi